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Some funny stuff

If you’re new here, you may want to get me a cup of coffee OR RSS feed. Thanks for visiting, Schmoopie.

While waiting for food to cook and laundry to launder, I came across a few funny pics across the internets i thought i’d share with you.

Hope you enjoy them. All . . . → Read More: Some funny stuff

Back to School. Even to college

Remember this lil guy?

oopsie i mean this lil guy?

It’s hard to believe that #1 son is entering his 3rd year of college! Yep, the fam and I spent a lovely afternoon visiting #1 at his college rowhouse. We brought him lots of needed supplies: 1 million rolls of toilet paper, boxes . . . → Read More: Back to School. Even to college

This is the part where I try something new

In my effort to become younger, I’m trying more of an holistic approach.

Here’s what I’m trying today

Now, I don’t do yoga anymore

but I try to do my breathing techniques and self talk.

Often, my self talk involves cookies.

. . . → Read More: This is the part where I try something new

Mean People SUCK: especially educators

i am tired. TIRED of children being the victims of heinous crimes in this world. WTF is wrong with people??? For centuries, no, MILLENIA, children have been abused and treated poorly and many look the other way. To be sure, children in America and other Western civilizations lead better lives than many. I think Oprah . . . → Read More: Mean People SUCK: especially educators

Aruba is for Foodies

I had the absolute good fortune to go to Aruba on vacation!

It’s a total paradise and no wonder they call it

One Happy Island!

The Man and Pumpkin consider themselves Foodies so I took lots of pictures of what we ate.

Wanna see?

. . . → Read More: Aruba is for Foodies

Vacation Fashion

I’m so excited that pretty soon I will be going on VACATION!! Aruba is the place I love to go. It helps me to relax, unwind, and catch my breath. There’s nothing like laying on a cot, underneath a palapa, reading a book, and sipping a frozen drink!

One of the . . . → Read More: Vacation Fashion

Mom’s Night Out #MNO Fashion Show

You may have heard: that I’m a model. Yes, unless you’ve been living under a rock, you might know that I had an awesome and humbling opportunity to be a model for the Mainline Parent Mom’s Night Out charity Fashion Show. I was treated to pampering by Antoinette Day Salon and Spa and dressed up . . . → Read More: Mom’s Night Out #MNO Fashion Show

Shaklee and Cleo help me clean the kitchen

I want to thank my bestie Randi at SAHM’s Crazy Life! for hooking me up with a Shaklee starter kit.


It scared me to think of the scary things hiding under my kitchen sink

(no not giant rats but CHEMICALS)!

So Cleo helped me . . . → Read More: Shaklee and Cleo help me clean the kitchen

Conference Season Fashion – #BEA

Many bloggers are gearing up for conference season. Bloggy Bootcamp Philly and the SITS Girls has already visited the city of brotherly love and many of my PSMM and GLO friends have traveled out of town and out of state (whoa!) to attend conferences. While conferences are sure to be alot of fun networking and . . . → Read More: Conference Season Fashion – #BEA

Hunger: Looks can be deceiving

If you’ve ever met me or seen photos of my kids or me, what would you see? Would you see the face of someone who is hungry? The face of someone who has been on welfare or used food stamps? If you guessed NO WAY you’d be wrong.

Here’s a pic circa . . . → Read More: Hunger: Looks can be deceiving